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3.21 Add Dependent
Last Updated 5 months ago

3.21.1 Access main menu, Click on “Health Status” menu to access health status module.


3.21.2 Click on "Dependents" to access dependents module.


3.21.3 Tap on the “+” button to add new dependent.

image Fill up all the information for personal information.

AIC/Passport fieldFill in dependent's Malaysian IC.
BName fieldFill in dependent's name.
CDate of birth fieldSelect dependent's Date of birth.
DOccupation fieldFill in dependent's occupation.
ERelationship fieldSelect relationship with dependent.
FGender fieldSelect dependent's gender. Fill up all the information for contact information.

AEmail fieldFill in dependent's email.
BContact Number fieldFill in dependent's contact number.
CAddress fieldFill in dependent's address.
DCountry fieldSelect dependent's country.
EState fieldSelect dependent's state.
FPostcode fieldFill in dependent's postcode.
GSubmit buttonSubmit dependent's information.

3.21.5 Display account information of new added dependent.

ACopy buttonCopy dependent's account information.
BUsername fieldDisplay dependent's username for Mamapapa app.
CPassword fieldDisplay dependent's password for Mamapapa app.
DReset password buttonGenerate a new password for dependent's Mamapapa app.

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