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4.2 Study Progress V2
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4.2.1 Access main menu, Click on “Children” menu to access Children module.


4.2.2 The available children list will be displayed on the subsequent page. Tap on the children that you wish to view to proceed to the children details.


4.2.3 In the children’s menu, select “Study Progress” to view the details of student’s study progress.


4.2.4 You will then be presented with a summarised study progress of the student which contains the weekly, monthly and semesters records. You are able to make filters for morning class, afternoon class, weekly, monthly , semester and year. Tap on area "E"  to view more details for specified subject.





AFilterFilter for semester and year.
BFilterFilter for morning and afternoon class.
CFilterFilter for which specified week or month will be presented.
DFilterFilter presented study progress by weekly, monthly and Semester.
EStudy progressStudy progress record will be presented in this area.

4.2.5 You will then be presented study progress with details of selected subject.


4.2.6 In order to filter specified week or month study progress to be presented, kindly tap on the filter area "C" on 10.4, then select specified week or month. 


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