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2.25.2 How to create new billing?
Last Updated 5 months ago Click on the menu displayed on the upper-left corner of the screen.

image Select the "Billing Payment" menu, then select "Billing" submenu.

image Billing list will be displayed here. Click "New Billing" to create new billing.


Billing Status 

DrafDraf billing
ConfirmConfirmed Billing will show to mamapapa user.
IssueBilling be reported pending for resolve issue.
Payment ValidationBilling pending validation.
PaidBilling Completed. Fill in all information to create a new billing. Click on "Save" to save this billing as "Draf". Click on "Confirm" to save this billing as "Confirm" billing which this bill will display to mamapapa user.

ATitleTitle of this billing.
BDateSelect date for billing.
CStudentSearch student by IC/Passport/Name
DRemarkRemark that will show to public.
EInternal RemarkInternal Remark for internal staff to refer.
FBilling ItemFill in billing item's description, quantity and unit price then system will auto sum up total amount.

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