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2.1 Login to CM Portal
Last Updated 2 months ago

2.1.1 Open browser and type in address or click on the link given below:

2.1.2 Login using your username and password.

** To obtain a password reset, please kindly contact the AR department.


2.1.3 Once logged in, you'll see the Dashboard page. Click on the Menu icon at top left, which allows you to navigate within the app.

As of the current version, 13 different modules are available for all your needs. They are separately Dashboard, Class Room, VPLP Sessions, Course Instructors, Student, Guardian, Events, Communication Book, Store, Billing, E-Management, Health and Training Management.


As of the current version, 3 reports are available under Reporting for all you needs. They are separately Credit Report, Material Purchase Report and Credit Transaction History Report. 


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