Frequently Asked Question

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1. What is SMMLEAP?

  • SMMLEAP is a web-based platform that offers online training content to trainees with unrestricted participation.
  • The courses are delivered via handouts, workshop, group assignments, quizzes and assessments, videos, and online coaching to enhance trainees' knowledge.
  • You may access it at:

2. Who can use SMMLEAP?

  • The user level of SMMLEAP is from Course Instructor (CI) to Entrepreneurial Team Leader (ETL).

3. Where can trainees access SMMLEAP?

4. When to use SMMLEAP?

  • When a training course is scheduled, you can access SMMLEAP to take the training course.

5. Why uses SMMLEAP?

  • In SMMLEAP, the training courses are provided in e-Learning mode, which trainees can access anywhere and anytime after training is scheduled,
  • Trainees’ performance will be recorded and analyzed in statistics, which trainees can evaluate both positive results and as well as areas of improvement,
  • The training schedule can help trainees to keep on track to accomplish training,
  • The training is conveyed in diverse forms, such as video, quizzes, assessments, etc., which can boost their understanding of the courses.

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