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2.0 Schedule Module
Last Updated 7 months ago

Schedule Module can navigated through the 2nd button from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.


From the top section:
a) The alphabetic letters represent the days of the week which are, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
b) The number represent the days of current month.
c) You can tap the day you want to navigate the scheduled day.

From the center bar:
a) There is 3 category of selection which are 'All', 'Centre' and 'Schedule'.
b) You can tap the category to filter the schedule task you want to look for.
c) '+' sign can be tapped to create a personal schedule.

From the bottom section:
a) The time shown on the side of the yellow line are the scheduled task time for that task.
b) 'My Schedule' is the category of the task.
c) 'Maths Revision' is the title of the task.
d) The description below the 'Remark' explain the purpose of the task.
e) Some task has the 'Start Timer' button which can be tap to start the timer for that task.

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